Who are the Crew aboard The Pirate Boat?

Who are Badges Onboard?

Badges Onboard are Heidi, Jakki and Puddin. We live aboard a Narrowboat and cruise all over the beautiful canal systems of England and Wales operating our floating gift shop, The Pirate Boat.

Heidi was a teacher for 13 years in Manchester in addition to working as a DJ at various events, festivals and cities across the UK, Spain and Greece.  After spending a lot of her summer holidays backpacking around Europe and travelling to Africa, the travel bug had well and truly stuck and she decided to change her lifestyle in more ways than one.  After leaving her job she sold her house and went backpacking to India, Cambodia and Thailand, after that she came back to the UK and bought a Narrowboat. 

After a few years of cruising and travelling, the savings were running low and the thought of returning to teaching and staying in one location filled her with dread and she decided that she wanted to combine her love for adventure with making a living at the same time – thus – in 2015 The Pirate Boat was born. 

Please read our ‘Ahoy – Our new Website‘ blog to find our how we came up with Badges Onboard.

Because Heidi lives in a dream world where every day is an adventure while she is cruising the high seas (coughs) canals avoiding other Pirates while plundering and pillaging the inland waterways – Jakki is the more grounded and level headed of the duo. She keeps things organised and on track as Heidi is quite often distracted, “oh look a duck”….. Even though Jakki has been part of the crew since day one she has only recently taken up the option of becoming a full time pirate, so she can now cruise the inland waterways for work and fun.  Jakki and her trusty sidekick Puddin the Pug signed up for the positions of Pirate Captain and Captain Pugwash and the rest is history….. 

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