Crew Badges – Lots of designs, fun to wear – which one suits your personality ?

As we cruised our way around the country we started getting lots of requests for Crew Badges from fellow boaters and hire boaters who were stopping at the Pirate Boat to browse our Pirate Booty.

Many of the individuals we met had some fantastic badge ideas such as; Drunken Sailor Badge, Skipper Badge, Galley Slave, First Mate Badge, Lock Crew Badge, Cabin Boy Badge and a Captains Badge – after asking people how they would like them designed they all requested a nautical theme, colours and some uniqueness about them that differentiated between the crew members.

Heidi spent one Saturday afternoon playing with photoshop and came up with 12 designs.  We then made them up into our 45mm standard badge size and put them out on our stall.  They flew off the shelves and people loved being able to choose from the various crew designs which they could match to each individual crew member.


We also do the crew badges in the popular 1 inch button badge size and the Large 58mm Size.  However, we do advise when ordering that if wanting to wear them as part of a crew they are much more easily recognised and visible when in the Medium and Larger badges formats.

We also have the badges available pre packaged as two different badge sets, which is a great gift idea and works out cheaper than buying the badges individually.  These pre packaged sets are only available in medium or large badge sizes.

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