Captain Pugwash and his Pug Badges

There’s something very special about those little bundles of snorting snottiness with their little pink tongues and squishy faces.  We absolutely adore Pugs, in fact we love Pugs so much they have their very own category on our website. 

It’s all in honour of our very own crew member, Puddin the Pirate Pug or Captain Pugwash as he likes to be known when working onboard The Pirate Boat.  Puddin can often be seen around the many canal festivals we visit every year. He loves to dress up, get lots of cuddles and show off his range of badges to all the customers who visit our stall.

Captain Pugwash

Puddin wearing his Pirate Bandana

Puddin is the most popular member of our crew and he gets lots of attention from the ladies,  so we decided to immortalise him on his very own badge.

Puddin lives aboard The Pirate Boat and loves his life cruising the inland waterways and being a canal pirate. The cheeky chappy also has a girlfriend in every port so we also designed the Pirate Pug Badge and Pug and Bones Badge in his honour.

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