Ahoy – Our New Website and how Badges Onboard was born !

Whey hey !!! After a couple of months of hard work and help from my friend Hamish we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website https://badgesonboard.com 

For those that don’t know us – we live aboard our Narrowboat The Rum Wench (named after its owner, Heidi!) cruising the beautiful canals of England and Wales as ‘The Pirate Boat’ trading along the towpaths, at canal festivals and land events as we go.

Back in 2017 Heidi was on the Oxford Canal cruising the Pirate Boat in the pouring rain to her next canal festival wondering what she was going to do with regards to setting up and trading in the wet, windy and horrible weather, which limits the stock you can put out. She began to think about how she could improve sales in bad weather and if there was additional stock she could make and personalise for the Pirate Boat that was small to post and didn’t take up much space – Suddenly she forgot about her life as a Canal Pirate for a split second and EUREKA, a spark, an idea thus Badges Onboard was formed.

The initial idea was to provide a new stock line of Nautical themed Badges to sell off the boat at canal festivals but it wasn’t long before customers were asking for other designs and Custom badges to promote their own businesses and events. Word of mouth quickly spread and we found ourselves supplying more and more badges, so we ended up starting an eBay and Etsy shop and just over a year later we have made almost 2000 custom orders.

We make our own designs too and have had numerous stalls at land events and festivals. A recent much loved surprise was that our humble little badge stall recently won the award of most liked retail stall at the Lfest Festival 2018 in Llandudno where we sold hundreds of our LGBTQ badges

It soon became clear that we needed our very own online shop so Heidi (being the technical one) set about learning how to achieve our next goal. While designing the website there were times when Heidi wanted to throw her laptop out of the porthole and into the canal, but after lots and lots of Rum she persevered and managed to launch Badges Onboard on the world wide web. WOW, from a little narrowboat on the UK’s canals Badges Onboard has gone global and to date we have shipped our specially designed little gems as far a field as Japan, Germany and Greece. 

We have specifically intended our website to be simplistic and easy to navigate so that you can find the information you need quickly and easily. Take the time to explore our new site, and if you have any questions about Badges Onboard and the work we do, we are only a click or a phone call away!

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